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Flashing Lights - Zuu
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Altie aka Alteria is an urban model, she was born and raised in a small city of Eugene, Oregon.Recently moved to Seattle, Washington. 

Altie graduated college twice with 2 degrees, she is a single mother of two, a boy and girl. 

Altie has been a model since 2012, she's done runway, but found her calling in print modeling. Altie enjoys the art of modeling therefore will try most anything to get the correct inspired image. 

Altie is dubbed the "all natural" model, no surgeries, no working out... Just all natural!!  She stands 5'5,weighs 140 lbs with a curvaceous body measuring 36,28,44  

Her ethnicity is Native American, black, and Caucasian. 

When Altie isn't modeling she works as a medical claims and billing specialist, spending time with her son and daughter. She loves nature and has no problem enjoying it such as riding bikes, hiking, swimming.



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