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Darin Anthony is an artist/song writer from Rochester New York. Moved with his family to Ft. Lewis Washington in 2000 and attended Lakes High School. Like most people from the military base, Darin was influenced by different hip hop artists than most other people from the local area.

DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Joe Budden, Cassidy, Jadakiss, D-Block, and Dipset, among other hip hop icons showed Darin, through their music, how to put his poetry into rhythm. Darin began to get noticed by other artist around Lakewood and Tacoma as a cypher rapper showcasing and drawing in crowds. Because of the clever way he delivered his punchlines and his so-simple-it's-complex outlook and perspective on life, his group mates began to call him D-Logic, and it stuck.

Co-developing Blakk Gold and hitting cyphers in Hill Top, the group was founded by FAMM Music Super Store owner and founder of ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP Theo Hall aka Mr. Network in 2003. Going to school in the day and performing at night D-Logic was a workaholic until in 2005 when extenuating circumstances prompted Logic to join the military and accomplish 3 tours in Iraq and one in Kyrgyzstan before honorably discharging still with music on his mind.

He in Spokane where he was previously based out of while in the Air Force and join a new team known as the Rooks and pretty much took over the Eastern Washington music scene. Known for being a bit of a hot head and also getting his hands dirty in the drug scene, D-Logic found himself locked up on many occasions, before coming back to Tacoma to find himself and his dignity and in doing so bumped in to Mr. Network and everything was right again.

The only thing was that during his time away from the mic, another emcee was founded and came in the game as Logic. So D-Logic went with his actual first and middle name: Darin Anthony. Darin meaning The Great. Anthony meaning Worthy of Praise. Never wanting to leave the name Logic he carries the title: The Logical One. Logic is the Art of Reason and in hip hop that is exactly what he is.
Darin Anthony: The Logical One.



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