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Lega’C Jones was born Marcus Mcleod in Aberdeen, North Carolina, but as a child of military upbringing he would travel the country ending up in Lacey, WA. As a youth Lega’C sang in church choirs, where he learned the intricacies of singing. After going to college at Livingstone College in North Carolina for music education he linked with NuCash ent where he experienced his first taste of performing. After he would move back to Washington state hooking up with a high school friend “Yung Tac” and formed the group 2.0 which would have success in Washington state opening for numerous acts. After the passing of his close friend he would continue to pursue a solo career opening for acts like Shai, Celly Cell, etc. Now he’s setting up to finish his latest album Love vs Lust. With the prequel Vices on all streaming platforms


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