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Michaelson Antoir Baptiste born April 4th 1993 better known as M.B.Y.S is a Grenadian hip hop artist from Gran Bras St.Andrew’s Grenada.

Michaelson was born in Gran Bras St.Andrew’s; after witnessing a group of guys beating and free styling in the cafeteria he took up the interest of doing music shortly after leaving middle school in New York. When he moved back to Grenada in 2004, he started doing free styling amongst other things with some of his school friends, after seeing his interest in music his father gave him a pin on interview mic which he used to make music.

Shortly after he started doing music, Deva and his friends started as well and that lead to a petty war over music. When that beefing was over they started recording tracks together for fun and it’s within that time he realized instead of doing it for fun he rather use his music as an outlet. He then teamed up with some guys from the south of the island where he then started a group, his sister who knew the guy informed him that he does music which led him into sending out his first demo and it was a green light from there.  

In 2006 he started officially rapping and has then released four mix tapes which are the competition, guilty conscience, living legend and burning sky, in his words the competition which was his first mix tape was more of an experiment to see whether the music business was really for him, after releasing it the feedback was great so he went on to release another but this one was different he was more focused on concepts cause he just understood what making a song was really about.

Later on in his music journey he did three shows in Grenada just to name one there was a French music festival at Prickly Bay which he was a part of. Michaelson has now over 300 songs almost closing of to that 400 gap, with some being already released. After asking why did he come up with the name M.B.Y.S his answer was nothing more than outstanding in his words before coming to the conclusion of calling himself M.B.Y.S he was a huge Wayne fan back in the day and he first came up with the name young stunner, he changed it to MB which was his initials but to him it was just too simple and most people would of guessed the meaning right of the bat, so he then came up with the name M.B.Y.S which the MB being Michael Baptiste and the YS meaning yours sincerely  as in A letter ending because in his perspective his music is an open letter.

In 2015 after all the music grinding he has been doing he recently got signed to 366zero entertainment which is a record/management label located in Royal Palm beach Florida, with that being said the future is yet in his favor and as a new upcoming artist there is a lot of things to look out for from M.B.Y.S.


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MBYS - The Collapse of a Nebula Album Co


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