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A  Pacific North West native, Mz Dvs (miss devious) was born Rhianna Mae Goetz in Olympia Washington state. Raised by her mother with two younger sisters, life events caused her gift of written word at an early age. By the age of 15, her poetry transformed into hip hop that was already challenging her male peers. With lyrical influences like Tupac and Brotha Lynch Hung Mz Dvs was one of a kind in her genre, earning the status and titles as she grew.

                Dvs had her first encounters with the professional quality recording studio at age 16 with Society Records in Nisqually Reservation where she grew up. Dvs frequented the “hilltop” Tacoma area where she was discovered and later signed, by CEO MR. Network of ONE FAMM Records on her 18th birthday.

One Famm Records, at the hands of Theo Hall aka MR NETWORK, took VIP and hosted many events for big name artists. From the car shows at the Tacoma Dome to the Anger management tour with Eminem. With several musical ties and support, her verbal and delivery skills developed at a rapid rate. Keeping up with her professional level label mates, she was already rocking crowds before 21. The CEO of One Famm arranged accommodations for her performances until she was of age for the venues.

 Though out the years with the label she made several business relationships with popular artists, gained recognition from record labels and hosted national events such as Summer Jam Concerts. She continues her working relationship with the record label that she considers family, after taking time away from the music industry to focus on lifestyle and career opportunities. She returns to the studio rejuvenated with plans on having new releases and show dates by early 2018.


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