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Who is the Illest will be reschedule at Studio Seven Urban Allure Entertainment presents Who is the Illest Showcase featuring some of the Northwest best producers and rhymers. OFMG artist Zak Swift and Manch Malevolant hosted by Scott Elkins OFMG.

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- Keep the drama at the door!

- Keep Your hands to yourself!

- Respect Your Peers!

- Respect Your Crowd!

- Crowd Respect Your Artists!

- Rap Your ass off!




Artists are scored on the following; flow, delivery, and content

5. Excellent

4. Great

3. Average

2. Substandard

1. Poor

The Artist with the highest average score moves on to the next round.

Crowd Breaks All Ties


# of Participants


10 Artists & 10 Producers

4 Judge Panel


Round Format


Round 1

- 15 Second "Freestyle" Warm-Up Round

(Artist can freestyle about ANYTHING He/She chooses to)

Round 2

- 30 Second "Hot Topic" Round

(Crowd chooses a word. The Artist's use the selected word as the topic of their freestyle )

Round 3

- 45 Second "Hip Fire" Round

(Host pulls multiple items out of a bucket Artists must freestyle about the items as they come out. Artists are judged on not only on their flow, delivery and content; but also the amount of items they go through.)

Round 4

- 45 Second "Head to Head", War Round

(Crowd Reaction Scores Points)

Championship Round

- 1 minute and 30 second "War Round"

(10 Point Scoring System)

Winner advances as Champion to next Event


Champion Wins $100

Remix By Richie #MyTeam Sweater

Headline Cruch Time Showcase

(Image on Flyer/Poster)

Written Interview on

1 Week Twitter Promotion

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