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Check out Dray Love's single, "Waiting For Love"

There is not a big Tacoma music-industry for local artists to tap into. One of the stalwarts of Tacoma music is One Famm Music Group headed by Mr. Network (Theo Hall). For decades now One Famm has provided artists with opportunities and exposure that was sorely needed in our area. Always dropping new content, the label just released a single from Dray Love titled "Waiting for Love". One Famm specializes in bringing us Hip-Hop and R&B and Dray Love falls in the latter.

He is a smooth-voiced singer with a comfortable tone who rides a poppy yet soulful R&B track. One Famm is always professional sounding and with all their experience they never fail to put out a polished product. The song "Waiting for Love" has a grown-up feel combined with a youthful bop that makes heads nod. I felt beautiful emotion coming from Dray's voice and I never stopped listening throughout the song. Listen now on Spotify.

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