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Rakeem Chanlee Wilson born August 23rd 1993 better known as Zuu is a Bahamian hip hop artist from New Providence Island in the city of Nassau located in the Bahamas.

Rakeem was born in New Providence in Bahamas, when it comes to his music it’s somewhat out of the original settings on how an artist will be born, Rakeem came into the music field one day by simply standing in front his grandmother’s mirror and immediately began rapping, to him, being able to spit bars out of the blue was shocking, after that happened he met this young man at he’s school that was a young producer in the making, the young man was simply making music by using his laptop as stated by Rakeem. With the generosity of the young producer he was then thought how to make beats by using software and a laptop and from then on he was immediately hooked to making music, in order words music chose him.

Before Zuu became a solo artist he was part of two groups, one which he started with a school friend called bones which was called star gang, whilst being with star gang, he released a few music videos which is found on YouTube under the name breezy the kid, after star gang’s creation he then went on to create his present group which is called wolf mob.

Whilst being with wolf mob he rented a studio that gave him the access to releasing his first three mix tapes which are called 2 sides to my story, power the mix tape; yezzy thought me and the last being 23 the ep which was released on his birthday, his mix tapes can be found on audio mark. With the group wolf mob he was successful in spotting some features  with the group called wise men, the feedback was there but it wasn’t nothing substantial until he meet  another group called rap circle which lead to the creation of  the movement Ararap which was formed by  merging the two groups rap circle and wolf mob.

Through Ararap a movement started, vlogs, parties, open mic night at vol bar , interviews at hot 91.7 radio show, talent shows was some of the many things that were done by the group but when the group disbanded he went back to doing his own solo act causing him to fall back into his own group the wolf mob. All the stuff done with Ararap can be found on YouTube under the name Ararap.

As a solo artist Rakeem haven’t done any solo shows as yet, he has no beefs with no one and has over 50 unreleased songs but 50 being what he felt that should be released as opposed to over 30 already being released. Most people would like to know how Rakeem came up with such an usual stage name and hiis response was nothing more than spectacular as stated by Rakeem Zuu was the shortened form of the infinite red Zulu, being that there’s two U’s in Zulu so he simply removed the L making it Zuu and the message behind the name is getting back to his roots and who he is, red meaning his not black or brown in complexion, so the name Zuu is mainly who he is spiritually.

With all the music grinding it finally paid off for Rakeem when he was then signed to OMFG (One Famm Music Group) which is a record label located in Seattle Washington, with that being said be on the lookout for Zuu hitting the airwaves, the future is yet in his favor.


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