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Dray Love was born in Memphis, TN. and began singing at the age of 7. He is inspired by legendary artist such as Michael Jackson, Joe, Brian McKnight and Musiq Soul Child. At the age of 13 he began to write and record. By the time that he was 18 he was an R&B threat outperforming and crushing open mics and small venue shows. Dray Love is a writer, composer, and most of all an all-around gifted artist. His music is a soulful mix of R&B, Pop & Neo Soul. Dray Love is deemed as the next artist to make it out of Memphis because of his raw talent.

While part of the R&B Group Offici8l, Dray Love has opened for Lyfe Jennings, Genuine and appeared on the The Tom Joyner Morning Show. With the groups mediocre local success Dray Love ventured out solo and was signed up by ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP and released his successful single "Side Effect” and debut album "Red Zone".

Dray Love have been busy entertaining his fans with appearances in Sex N the City Tour Hard Rock Cafe and Folklife Festival Seattle 2018. His 2018 mixtape release “The Invitation” with the hit song “She’s the One.” Currently he is working on his follow up album that is due out later in 2019. The Sensual Seductive sounds of Dray Love will be playing in your bedroom soon. In the meantime, Dray Love has not stop giving his fans great music. His new single “So Fine” is in stores now. In 2019 Dray Love was included in the Day 26 national tour. With new hit single Leading Me On. Some women like it when a man chase them. They want you but play hard to get because they want you to go the extra mile , and soon you find that you’ve been chasing her all this time just to realize she has no destination ... You never catch her but ...... She know what’s up. With new releases coming in 2020.

Dray Love 2020 comes with new single Waiting For Love for the new year. His smooth-voice with a comfortable tone who rides a poppy yet soulful R&B track. The song "Waiting for Love" has a grown-up feel combined with a youthful bop that makes heads nod.You feel beautiful emotion coming from Dray's voice and I never stopped listening throughout the song


Waiting For Love
Dray Love - Crazy Girlz
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