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Tino Ski is a hip hop artist from Seattle, WA.  Tino Ski started doing music at the age of Ten years old at a friend’s house and learned from his friend’s father who was a local DJ from there Tino Ski caught the passion where he started to learn his craft and mold his sound learning from the greats like Lil Wayne, Drake Rick Ross and The Late Nipsey Hustle. Tino Ski started to apply his craft in doing school talent shows with his friends and still being guided by his friend’s father.  Tino Ski has humbleness and a passion for being a superstar.   With Thirteen years of experience now under his name in the music industry Tino Ski is starting to make a name for himself in the rap game, coming from the Wet Coast Seattle, Washington! Tino Ski has had a loyal following that he has strived and hustled, but one thing that most people do not realize is that when he performs on another person's show he may have some more new fans because he has taken headliners fans after it is all said and done because of his humility! The fans love how Tino Ski rock the stage, his silky smooth voice, and the mic with his different personas!  What also makes Tino Ski unique in today’s Rap industry is that he can switch up his style and sing true R & B and add this to his repertoire is what makes his so versatile and so talented.   Tino Ski tries and gives his fans the best of both worlds Rap and R & B.  Tino Ski works hard, never gives up!   Tino Ski has goals that need to be reached and Tino Ski is not stopping until they are reached!

Tino's video for his song "Won't wait" was released under ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP on November 5th 2020. His new video perfectly depicts his single "Won't wait" . With a clear message and a bangin beat Tino  shows us what he's best at. With a flow that's mesmerizing you'll want to listen over and over again.

Tino Ski's newest song "Party" was just released under ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP on November 20th 2020. Having a beat that's addicting to sway too and lyrics that are catchy you'll want to party all night. Playing this song on repeat is a must.


Tino Ski - Wont Wait
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