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Recording artist “Jesus Castro”, also better known as “Young Toke$” is a Northwest Latino artist/rapper. Born on September 1st, 1999 in San Jose, California. Moving around all over the west coast he then ended up living in the city of Portland. Like many other minorities he grew up in a family line of poverty and of the working class. As a teenager the streets became the only option to make money for the young artist, finding himself constantly surrounded by Gang members, he found a lot of his influence for music in the streets. Tokes got himself into some legal trouble growing up and was in and out of the juvenile system when he was only 16. When Tokes had turned 18 he realized he was destined for failure if he stayed in the path he was in, so he decided to finish high school and graduated in 2018. After school, he started studying the music industry business and started affiliating himself with other local artist to get his foot in the game. After 2 years of hard work and bettering his craft, he started building a little fan base in the city of Portland and started performing some of his best songs on stage. “Young Toke$” quotes, “I remember this one time at a show everyone in the crowd started singing along to my hook. The vibe and energy i was getting was amazing, never have I ever experienced something like this before. At that moment I realized that this is what I was going to thrive and succeed from.” Fast forward to now, “Young Toke$” is a well known artist in the area and is loved for his party club hits. With a mellow raspy voice, Tokes brings the party anywhere his music is played. He has worked with other underground artists like “The Mexican Mac”, “Annimeanz”, “AceGuappo”, and OFMG artist “Lil Pentagram”. More recently he worked with “Peso Peso”, a big name in the Hispanic community all over the country, that was featured on “Tokes’s” new Album, “Trapstar 2 Rapstar”. In conclusion, Tokes is a very versatile artist with immense potential who could very well make a big name for himself in the country and even around the world! Make sure to peep all the music, there’s a lot more to come!



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