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Listening Session & Exclusive Interview with Richie Acevedo

One Famm Music Group/Universal Music Group Recording Artist Richie Acevedo sent us a few tracks from his latest project, "Basquiat." Neo-expressionism, best describes Richie Acevedo’s latest project, “Basquiat” which pays homage to the late painter, Jean Michel Basquiat. In an effort to revive music as an artistic expression, Richie experiments by mirroring Basquiat’s artistic expression. Richie inverts Basquiat’s expression of painting to his own life experiences that leads him to lyrically reflect on his past, illuminate his present and reveal his blueprint for his future. A professional on every level, Richie's diversity as an artist defies industry standards, and creative restriction.

This is your chance to witness a star being born. To listen click here


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