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New Artist With Cheekz

Newly sign artist Sandy Cheekz is a hip hop artist from Memphis, TN. Sandy Cheekz started doing music at a very young age; she has a passion for being a superstar. With her growth and experience of her music, Sandy Cheekz has become a powerhouse in the rap game down South and in the Midwest. To get the support and love in South and in the Midwest Sandy Cheekz has had to travel and promote her music by doing shows all over. Sandy Cheekz has developed a loyal fan base from the ground up that is loyal! Because of the loyal following that Sandy Cheekz has hustled and strived for the fans have shown their love by calling their selves the Cheekz Gang! The fans love how Sandy Cheekz rock the stag

New Artist From MS

New OFMG artist Lotus Bomb comes with a host of talent. Being able to sing and rap with no issue gives her a upper hand on most. Lotus Bomb is A Hip Hop / R&B Artist From Sardis, MS . 21 year old mother of two, Omauri & Kajai Mitchell ,she started writing songs at the age of 13 but later recorded her first single “ Emotions” at the age of 15 in Sardis, MS with a local producer by the name of A1 Productions. She graduated from North Panola High At The age of 18 and has been pursuing her music career since 2018. Lotus released her first EP at the age of 21 Titled “Introvert” including her top singles “Like A Pro” , “Mastered” ,and 6 other tracks that earned her artist of the week in Memphis,TN

Tino Ski Gets Photoshoot

Tino Ski gets a photoshoot by Coach Trina. "The photoshoot went very well. I love how Coach Trina shoots.The shoots came out amazing!! " Tino Ski We appreciate Coach Trina coming out to do Tino Ski photos and yes we will use her again!!

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