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One Famm Music Group: An Oasis For Natural-Born Talent

As the brainchild of entrepreneurs Theo “Mr. Network” Hall III and Dennis “DT” Turner, One Famm Music Group LLC has emerged as an excelling resource for upcoming artists, entertainers, musicians, and songwriters. The original concepts behind the company began during the late ’80s when Mr. Network developed the acronym “FAMM,” which stands for Family Always Makes Money. Mr. Network would later start a management company called FAMM Sports and Entertainment. This enterprise would later become One Famm Records. However, the high endeavors of Mr. Network exceeded much of the technology and the trends of the entertainment industry during that time and the company would cease operation. Mr. Network’s vision was rekindled in 2013 when Dennis “DT” Turner approached him about reforming One Famm and from that day forward the mission was reborn. Mr. Network also appointed DT as vice president of One Famm Music Group. The company seeks to promote artists who have talent but lack the resources to promote their craft. In recent years, One Famm Music Group has done a tremendous amount of work in helping the disadvantaged artist transform the seemingly impossible into a success story that is practical and equally profound.

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