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AEK: A Blend Of Blues & Africa - Before Kader Sundy, it was about AEK artist name

Coming from Caravan Spirit, the group founded by its lead-guitarist Abd-El-Kader in 1992, AEK and the Wanted Band seem determined to rise after playing throughout the pubs of the region. Indeed, the group whose members are Mélanie (keyboard), Cécile (vocals), Guillaume (drums), Yazid (bass) and Abd-El-Kader (guitar) will be performing at the Rabat Festival (Morocco) during the first week of July.

Three concerts are scheduled there.

More than anything else, AEK and the Wanted Band play Blues music. “Because the Blues is the only music that can express both life’s happiness and painful moments”, according to the group’s leader.

This does not prevent him from mixing several cultures and varied musical influences.

A life-changing meeting

“We try a lot of stuff, like French vocals, says Abd-El Kader. For example, our next opus is a fusion of blues and oriental music.”

Besides, this inspiration stems from Abd-El-Kader’s North African origins: “Oriental music and the blues are not as far apart as we may think. When we go back to the Blues’ origins, it comes from American black slaves, who originally came from Africa.”

Created recently, the group of new members rests mainly upon Abd-El-Kader’s shoulders (34 years old) who has been participating in the Blues-sur-Seine Festival since 1997.

He discovered his passion for the guitar and the blues when he was 8 years old, “for me,the blues is in my veins”he says, and he also participated in many jam sessions with Luther Allison, Magic Slim or Amar Sundy: a life-changing meeting.

“He teaches me a lot about my origins” the young guitarist explains about the “desert bluesman”, Amar Sundy’s nickname.

Alexandra Chaignon

Abd-El-Kader (on the right next to Amar Sundy), is the leader of the group AEK and the Wanted Band. He will be participating to the Rabat festival in early July.

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