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OFMG Comes To Oregon With New Artist Zephyr Tha Wolf

ZephyrThaWolf, born Clayton Anthony Iler Jr, was born in 1994 at The University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wisconsin, to his Houston raised mother Sandranna Robinson, and his Oakland raised father Clayton Iler Sr. Zephyr's mother passed away due to liver failure when he was 12 years old, his mothers death sparked the innate need to write simply to express himself in a healthy way during a very painful time in his life. His family learned that a large contribution to her death was an "unnecessary" stomach staple surgery, even though his mother was just as beautiful as the stars in the sky, she still felt unaccepted, she felt as though she needed to change herself dramatically and instantly to fit the expectations society has set fourth for women of this generation. Realizing these harsh truths zephyr began to write poetry and hip hop music to describe the struggles of losing your mother at such a young age, but he also had a stronger message to send, to be comfortable with who you are, and to accept that God does not make mistakes. ZephyrThaWolf was raised in HIllsboro, OR, in the metropolitan area of Portland, where he spent most of his time in private, honing his hip-hop skills. when he reached age 14 he began recording, and investing into his recordings. This process lead to a chain of studios that opened across the northwest/ Portland region known as "Room27Studios". Today at age 22 he has worked with Rocky Diamonds, Dubz, Layzie Bone, and many more yet-to-be-announced artists. With his first upcoming project in 2017 titled "Tha Candles Are Lit" ZephyrThaWolf is an artist to watch out for!

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