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Michael Edwards Is The New Edition to OFMG

Michael Edwards will come on as Southwest A&R for OFMG. Also he will also be a producer/Songwriter with in OFMG. "This talented individual will breath fresh ideas and sound into OFMG to serve our fast going fan base for all of our artist." ~Mr. Network Founder/CEO Crossover artist, Michael Edwards’ signature musical style combines the nostalgia of classic R&B, with the

modern glamour of hip hop and rock to award winning results. Edwards was not only nominated three times for the Bobby Womack R&B Artist of the Year for the SCM Knockdown Awards, but has competed in and won numerous Mid-South talent shows, and also lent his unique musical talents to several esteemed Black History programs. ! Mr. Edwards’ most notable projects include, Luv Ego Part 1, produced in 2011, and Luv Ego Part 2: R&B Rookie Of The Year, which was hosted by D.J. Johnny Blaze and released in 2012. Most recently, Edwards worked in collaboration with R&B artist, Darrius Gray, to produce, Heart of a Gentleman, and another independent project, Luv Ego Part 3: The Hidden Side of Love, both released in 2013. Currently, Michael is working on a solo album, Introducing Michael Edwards. ! Edwards’ was born into a musical family in Orange Mound, Memphis. He not only followed the lead of his own gifted family members, but also cites such ground breaking artists as Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers, Prince, R. Kelly, and The Dream as his inspiration. Mr. Edwards credits Michael Jackson with shaping his love for dance as an extension of music, Prince with his love for electric guitar and gained insight into complex harmonization from the Isley Brothers. ! Edwards references his parents’ 35 years together, strong family pride, and years as a successful student, as a constant source of joy which keeps him grounded, allowing him to continually share a message of joy, hope and peace in the face of adversity through his music.

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