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Nique Lands On OFMG

Nique began rapping at the age of 8, but his first official release, Get Off My Cloud, was not until 2013, when he was 19. His next project, 6 AM, wasn't released until 2015 and garnered Nique much more attention than any of his previous releases. In November 2016, he released his first for-sale project, the EP titled Dazed & Confused. This release was noticeably darker than his previous releases due to the death of his brother and elevated drug use. Brandon Caldwell of A Day & A Dream wrote, "If Dazed & Confused was recorded in darkness, its easy to believe." Prior to the release of the EP, Nique went on the internet radio show The Tuesday Special w/ Kels and admitted to being clinically diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. The first track on Dazed & Confused was named "PTSD", as an ode to the demons Nique had faced throughout 2016. The rapper went on to release a slew of videos in 2017, including visuals for "High Rise" and "40," which both garnered a large following. In July of 2017 Nique was the sole performer at the Summer Vibes '17 concert in Laredo, TX, which exceeded capacity with over 500 people in the audience.

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