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Ace High Releases "ICARUS" An Eclectic New Album That Defies Mainstream Hip Hop's Dumb

While select pieces of the revolution are being televised, Richie "Ace High" Acevedo has resurrected the fight for civil/human rights,and socioeconomic justice through his music and media content.

The Milwaukee born emcee, producer, and activist takes a boldly creative, yet peaceful tone against the resistance by embedding meaningful messages in his content, and protesting peacefully in both the community, and mainstream media. Richie Acevedo's flagship brand "Ace High" highlights the importance of artists using their platform to influence positive change. Helping to coin the terms "artivism" and "edutainment" Ace High's brand is consistently promoting a message of love and light as far up the entertainment ladder as high profile media rooms like The GRAMMY's. The military veteran turned creative tells TVMG reps, "Ace High is a feeling;" and after listening to Richie's work, even the most grounded spirit will be elevated with knowledge. Expand your Apple Music playlist with an enlightening stance against injustice. We urge you all... let's get high! How High? Ace High! Icarus is a ground breaking new Hip-Hop/New Wave album by Atlanta Emcee Richie "Ace High" Acevedo. Showcasing his musical range, the Digital Hustler gifts audiences with 14 exhilarating new tracks which are guaranteed to leave you begging for more. The album delivers a message of light and love and features production from new Hip-Hop heavyweights Michael "cameONE" Cerda, Alex "The Authority" Sullivan, and Richie "Ace High" Acevedo himself. With executive production from longtime collaborator Chad "KM" Kitchens, Ace High delivers a modern day Hip-Hop classic. Album highlights include; Icarus and the Sun, Zero Gravity, Walk on By, My Team, and 11:11. Enjoy the revolutionary new body of work on Apple Music and Distributed by ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP/SONY MUSIC For Exclusive content and Ace High news, contact Richie Acevedo on all social media channels @HowHighAceHigh and give him your feedback on his latest Opus. ~DOAMEDIA

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