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Get Down with Jio Kasai!

26 year old singer/songwriter Jiovoni Kasai is one of OFMG’s newest artists. He’s always loved singing but he started in the church Choir. With Inspirations like Juice Wrld, Rex life Raj, Westside Boogie, and Smino, Jio has taken a little bit of everything and come up with his own unique sound. Having been through many struggles in life Jio has decided to take his pain and express himself through music. Writing poetry and singing to himself is a part of his everyday life. Full of energy and love for his craft we can expect great things from young Jio. Outside of music Jio enjoys cooking, photography, gaming and anime. Wanting to experience everything that life has to offer Jio's bucket list is pages long, but on the very top is inspiring those around him with music.


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