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ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP Re-Signs Landmark Distribution Deal with KMG Distribution

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New York, NY – March 27 2024 – ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP, a dynamic and rapidly rising name in the music industry, is thrilled to announce its new distribution partnership with KMG Distribution, a leading music distribution company based in New York. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP's journey towards amplifying its presence in the global music scene.

ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP, known for its diverse roster of talented artists and its commitment to innovative and high-quality music production, has been making waves in the industry with its fresh and unique sound. The partnership with KMG Distribution will enable ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP to leverage KMG’s extensive network, industry expertise, and cutting-edge distribution technology to bring their music to a broader audience.

"We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with KMG Distribution," said Theo “Mr. Network” Hall III, CEO of ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP. "This deal represents a significant step forward for our company and our artists. With KMG's robust distribution channels and industry know-how, we are confident that we can reach new heights and achieve greater success on a global scale."

KMG Distribution, renowned for its comprehensive and artist-friendly distribution services, shares ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP's vision of empowering artists and delivering exceptional music to fans worldwide. This collaboration is set to enhance the availability and accessibility of ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP's music across all major platforms and regions.

"We are delighted to welcome ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP to the KMG family," said Ross Robey, Distribution Manager at KMG Distribution. "Their passion for music and dedication to their artists align perfectly with our mission. We are excited to work together to maximize their potential and bring their incredible music to fans everywhere."

This partnership is poised to drive significant growth and opportunities for both ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP and KMG Distribution, as they work together to navigate the ever-evolving music landscape and deliver unparalleled music experiences to audiences around the world.


ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP is a leading music production company known for its innovative approach to music and its diverse roster of talented artists. Committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence, ONE FAMM MUSIC GROUP continues to make a significant impact in the music industry.

About KMG Distribution

KMG Distribution is a premier music distribution company based in New York, dedicated to providing comprehensive and artist-friendly distribution services. With a focus on empowering artists and delivering high-quality music to fans worldwide, KMG Distribution stands at the forefront of the music distribution industry.


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