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OFMG Welcomes Bandz Marino

Bandz Marino quickly found music for stability growing up while moving constantly around the southern U.S. Music has always been more than just a good beat, it's home. Although shaped by gangster rap and hip hop Bandz isn't here to promote a particular message or a lifestyle- He's here to put what you feel into words and spread good vibes and positive energy. Bandz effortlessly switches up his style to express the feeling he is trying to portray at the moment. After moving to Seattle in the summer of 2013 to focus on music, Bandz found the fresh start he was looking for. He met like-minded individuals who share the same passion for music and they formed the Flight Boys. Working as both a sol

Debut Album By Dray Love Red Zone

The Album Red Zone by Dray Love in stores everywhere. This is a real R&B record and the industry need this. Grown Folks music. Red Zone is a must!

OFMG Comes To Oregon With New Artist Zephyr Tha Wolf

ZephyrThaWolf, born Clayton Anthony Iler Jr, was born in 1994 at The University of Wisconsin, in Madison, Wisconsin, to his Houston raised mother Sandranna Robinson, and his Oakland raised father Clayton Iler Sr. Zephyr's mother passed away due to liver failure when he was 12 years old, his mothers death sparked the innate need to write simply to express himself in a healthy way during a very painful time in his life. His family learned that a large contribution to her death was an "unnecessary" stomach staple surgery, even though his mother was just as beautiful as the stars in the sky, she still felt unaccepted, she felt as though she needed to change herself dramatically and instantly to

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