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New Name With New Era

The artist formally known as AEK will now be called Kader Sundy. OFMG had a chance to interview Kader Sundy:

Ok, I will try to explain that change. I am sure that you are not the only one wondering. My name : AEK comes from: Abd.El.Kader A: for Abd E: for El K: Kader I was born and raised in France, but my ancestors come from Algeria ( North Africa).. The name Abd El Kader was also the name of one of the revolutionaries who were fighting the French colonisation. .. For the record, he gave his name to a US city : El Kader in Iowa (,_Iowa)... So when I was in France, all my friends and family called me " Kader "... Why Kader " Sundy"??? Amar Sundy is my mentor. If today I am playing the blues as I do, it is mainly because of his influence, he opened many doors for me and helped me undestand the blues. He is a great artist and also a good friend who I am still in touch with up to this day. I think you will understand my music better after you watch this video: That is a video of SafarBlues Style: Now, after joining the One Famm Music Group/Universal Music Group, it is time for me to come back to my name, Kader, and associate the name of my mentor, Sundy, because he is a part of my music experience and story. To all my friends, whatever the name you will call me, AEK or Kader Sundy, I will remain the same friend. "I wanted to have a brand that my fans can truly love and folllow. So I wanted to let the world to know that I am here to play great music for you too enjoy!" - Kader Sundy

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