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New Artist Comes From Worlds Apart

OFMG welcomes M.B.Y.S Looking forward to great things with this kid. ~ Mr. Network

Michaelson Antoir Baptiste born April 4th 1993 better known as M.B.Y.S is a Grenadian hip hop artist from Gran Bras St.Andrew’s Grenada.

Michaelson was born in Gran Bras St.Andrew’s; after witnessing a group of guys beating and free styling in the cafeteria he took up the interest of doing music shortly after leaving middle school in New York. When he moved back to Grenada in 2004, he started doing free styling amongst other things with some of his school friends, after seeing his interest in music his father gave him a pin on interview mic which he used to make music.

Shortly after he started doing music, Deva and his friends started as well and that lead to a petty war over music. When that beefing was over they started recording tracks together for fun and it’s within that time he realized instead of doing it for fun he rather use his music as an outlet. He then teamed up with some guys from the south of the island where he then started a group, his sister who knew the guy informed him that he does music which led him into sending out his first demo and it was a green light from there.

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