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A 17-year run in the music industry is almost unheard of. There are so many new people coming into Tacoma that their knowledge of the city scene may only go back five years, maybe 10. Well, for some of us who have spent our lives here, one of the names in the local scene that goes back to the pre-2000s is One Famm. One Famm is a music label based in Tacoma. The founder is Theo Hall, or as most of us know him as, Mr. Network.

Mr. Network’s entrance into the music-scene came early. He was one of those 10-year-olds who was already a DJ at house-parties back in the 80’s. He thought he was destined to be a DJ until his equipment and records were stolen. This calamity was too much to overcome for a young boy with no money. Mr. Network just didn’t have the funds to get more records and more equipment. This tragedy forced him to pick-up new talents and hobbies. He got into football heavily. He and his brother started a sports entertainment company based out of Portland in 1990. They specialized in throwing sports-related parties and events. READ MORE

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