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Album Review: Vocals in the Trap by Alix J

One of the last things you can count on in this unpredictable world is hot music from Tacoma label One Famm. Their latest offering is Alix J, a fairly new artist from Memphis, Tennessee. The project is titled "Vocals In the Trap". One Famm always presents the public with industry ready, talented MC's, Rappers, Singers, and Vocalists. Alix J is no different. He has a youthful voice but can still come across as mature. The songs are catchy but still grown.

The song "Rose Pedal" has him crooning about Love as he uses metaphors so all the lyrics are tasteful. The songs are all slow-tempo but fun enough to dance to. It is good music to listen to with your boo or in the kitchen while cooking. "Yolo" is perfect R&B formula. It has a memorable chorus and the music is fun but easy. You can hear a little Auto-Tune in the vocals but at no time is Alix relying on it. It just adds a fun splash to the songs. "Voices In My Head" is perhaps his most adult track. It has a more serious tone to it and the music is hauntingly beautiful. It is something anyone of any age group could appreciate. About 2 minutes and 45 seconds in there is a bridge that will command your attention as his singing breaks down into different keys and octaves and you can hear him harmonizing with himself and other background vocalists. It is actually pretty stunning and makes need to catch your breath. If you like your R&B a little more freaky then put on "Touch", this interlude is quite explicit and is strictly for love making. This album is new school R&B and does not have much of an old-school vibe to it but if that is more your speed you can still enjoy this project. "Dear Lover" had more of a smooth, jazzy, groove to it. It has some pretty pianos and the bass-line is damn groovy.

You can smooch on someone to this music, drink some wine, clean yo house, and smoke some weed, just give it a try.

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